Which global cities have the strongest connections to China?

China has spent the last three decades building and strengthening its links with cities worldwide through the outward flow of goods, investment, people and, more recently, a wave of corporate expansion.

May 15, 2018

From San Francisco to Seoul, the financial, economic and cultural aspects of China’s international ambitions have become increasingly visible.

Jeremy Kelly, global research director, and author of the China Cities Go Global report, says: “While the Belt and Road Initiative, focused on Chinese financing and construction of new infrastructure overseas, is the major narrative around China’s internationalization, increasingly its global influence will be felt in much more diverse and innovative ways.

“We’re seeing China’s ‘next generation’ businesses greatly enhancing their links with the rest of the world and, while the high order business centers like New York and Tokyo will continue to be locations of choice, by virtue of size and strength, we can see a shift towards large consumer markets in Southeast and South Asia. Meanwhile, tourism and trade will continue to play a role in forging links between China and international cities.”

View the slideshow to find out which cities have the strongest links with China.

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