PODCAST: The true cost of fast deliveries

Listen to MIT and JLL experts discuss how logistics and industrial real estate is changing with the times

August 02, 2021

The rising demand for fast, efficient deliveries over the past year has become tied up in the growing urgency around sustainability.

With growing awareness of the trade-off between fast deliveries and carbon emissions, what can companies, investors, governments and consumers do about it?

Crucially for real estate, many of the decisions will come down to cost. According to a recent JLL survey of logistics experts, potential cost savings are a major driver behind green efforts, with 73% of respondents rating energy savings as the highest sustainability priority.

Listen to Alexis Bateman, the former director of MIT’s Sustainable Supply Chains Lab, and Michael Ignatiadis, head of supply chain and logistics solutions at JLL, discuss whether consumers will ever change their behaviour, the role green warehouses can play, and the metrics companies need to track their progress.

“Sustainability can't be a trend,” says Bateman, who has since changed roles after recording the podcast. “We need to keep that pressure on, finding the right tools to actually achieve those commitments and really continuing this momentum.”

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Head of Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions

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