Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources for real estate

As COVID-19 impacts communities around the world, we want to help you navigate its implications for your workplace, your asset(s) and the global real estate markets.

A guide for working in the next normal

For a brief moment, the world hit pause. We collectively assessed the true impact of a global pandemic, all while adjusting to a new way of life, in an instant.

Businesses will not go back to the way we knew before the pandemic. They will use this crisis to reinvent themselves to be more resilient, adapting their operational models to the 'next normal.' Operational resilience in the face of a pandemic must go beyond just reopening workspaces. Prepare to gradually re-enter, as the journey ahead will be multi-phased.

Re-entry starts with a firm understanding of the government mandates inclusive of national, state and local guidelines and requirements. Then, with safety and resiliency top of mind, apply JLL’s three key pillars to re-entry: (re)activate space, (re)spect health and wellness, and (re)vitalize property and workplace operations.

(re)activate space

Understand how to create and monitor effective guidelines and adjustments when reactivating the workplace after COVID-19, from space considerations and occupancy to technology.

(re)vitalize property & workplace operations

Uncover key areas to consider when revitalizing property and workplace operations to ensure buildings and workspaces are safe, resilient and ready for the next normal.

(re)spect health & wellness

Learn key considerations for commercial real estate owners and occupiers during re-entry to promote the health and wellness of employees, tenants and visitors upon reopening.

COVID-19 business planning resources

JLL Real Stories

Our JLL values have never been more evident than they are now as we work together to get through the coronavirus crisis.

Talk to a JLL professional for counsel

Contact us to learn how we can help accelerate the development of remote work programs, assess any impact to your asset or portfolio, or discuss other challenges you may be facing during this unprecedented time.

JLL and our staff are not authorized or qualified to guide or influence you in the preparation of your own business continuity or preparations plans from a health and public policy perspective. While we are making efforts to ensure we are providing an up-to-date list of publicly available resources, all details on COVID-19, as well as health and public policy implications, should be addressed with the advice of an independent specialist.