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Project and Development Services



Our services:

Consult. Manage. Design. Build.


Focused on your project goals and broader business objectives, right from the start.

Before we consult, we listen. The foundation of success is a rock-solid understanding of your goals and ambitions, at both the tactical and strategic levels. As we assimilate your immediate objectives, we also take into account the complete life cycle of your project to identify longer-term challenges and opportunities. It’s a key driver of JLL value: a simultaneous grasp of the smallest details and the big picture; an understanding of what your success looks like, both short term and long.

JLL provides a full range of building consultancy services for all aspects of the built environment:

  • Development management
  • Capital planning
  • Investment advisory
  • Merger and acquisition advisory
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Building surveying and audit services
  • Value recovery services


Highest standards. Optimized results.

These are the components of JLL project and development services excellence and its consistent contribution to client success: a deep pool of proven talent with experience directly relevant to your project; a global supplier network, vetted and held to a single set of high performance standards; one of the industry’s most powerful data assets, with an array of tools designed to support project decisions and oversight; a hand-picked team assembled to bring all these strengths to your project.

JLL’s project and development services capabilities encompass:

  • Project management
  • Program and portfolio management
  • Capital and cost management
  • Health, safety, and environmental
  • Multi-site fast track
  • Organizational change management
  • Relocation management


Great design happens at the intersection of experience, expertise and talent.

The built environment is where people work, shop, eat and learn. In short, it’s where they live. Skillful design advances everything that matters—attracting talent and customers, building brand and asset value, supporting productivity and business success. The soul of true design excellence exists in the human attributes of experience, expertise and talent, applied with passion and commitment to client objectives.

JLL seamlessly integrates world-class design services into the overall process:

  • Architecture
  • Workplace optimization and change
  • Interiors
  • Space planning
  • Design management
  • Concept design and branding


Construction: where it all comes together. The enduring proof—and driver—of success.

Strategy, plan, team, suppliers, tools and processes all come together once construction begins. Success is highly tangible: a built environment that endures for years, that supports positive user experiences and business outcomes; completion within the schedule, cost within the budget, asset value that grows over time. Equally important is a positive experience for our client throughout construction. This is the intangible. It’s where relationships are built.

JLL delivers a full range of construction services:

  • Construction management
  • Design and build
  • Turnkey design and build

​Industry Experience