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Retail Banking An Analysis of the Trends Affecting Your Real Estate Strategy

-Jones Lang LaSalle has identified two key trends affecting a financial organisation's branch network: the growing trend towards an open plan branch design and the increased demand for private banking. Also highlighted in the paper, is the opportunity for retail banks to achieve cost saving through overseas procurement. -An open plan branch design is an alternative to the traditional teller line and differs by the absence of any physical barrier between the staff and customer, resulting in a more sales-focused environment. -The trend towards private banking continues to grow globally, with the Australian Private Banking Industry becoming the 11th largest market in the world and the third in the Asian region. In 2007, 161,000 Australians held investible assets over USD 1 million of these, only 30% held private banking accounts -The phenomenal rise of Asia as the manufacturing global base has opened the door to potential savings when sourcing items from the region. In comparison to many Asian markets, Australia has greater material and labour costs.

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