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High-rises should be prepared for floods

High-rise buildings need a clear action plan to minimise flooding impact, said Jones Lang LaSalle, a professional services firm specialising in real estate.
Mrs. Suphin Mechuchep, Managing Director of Jones Lang LaSalle, said every building in Bangkok could be affected by floods when they arrive. But the effects may vary depending on where buildings are located, how they were designed and how well owners and residents have prepared.
The most vulnerable areas of most high-rise buildings in Bangkok are basements, which are used as parking lots. Management should advise tenants to park on upper parking floors. If no above-ground parking lots are available,a clear action plan should be outlined on how to alert car owners on the efficient evacuation of cars.
The basement is also generally where building system controls are located: electricity, water supply, safety systems,IT, and drainage.
While some electrical appliances and equipment can be moved to an upper floor, some equipment is not portable.
"Every building should prepare appropriate measures to protect the basement from floods in order to minimise the damage," she said.
  • First prepare materials such as sand bags that can be used to build a quick barricade against the flood water. Then move all files or archives to higher floors.
  • Plan ahead on how to block water from the main sewer in the road breaching the basement.
  • Ensure water pumps to drain the flood water out of the building are functional.Prepare backup fuel as an emergency power supply.
  • Take into account the danger presented by electricity during floods. The electricity supply in many parts of the building may have to be cut off for safety.
Building management should also collaborate closely with government bodies to receive regular updates on the situation so that necessary actions can be taken in a timely manner.
An efficient communication plan is a must in order to keep tenants in the building updated on the situation. Managers and landlords need to let tenants know in advance if the building will be inaccessible in the future to prevent people from being stranded.
After the flood recedes, electrical hazards may remain. Electrical systems within the building must be inspected by a qualified electrician who will determine if it is safe to turn on electrical switches.
Jones Lang LaSalle is the largest international property management service provider in Thailand with a portfolio of 3.9 million sqm of property and corporate facilities managed in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. In Bangkok, the firm manages more than 40 high-rise properties including office, residential and retail buildings.