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News Release


Jones Lang LaSalle Partners with Carbon Disclosure Project Cities Program to Cut Energy Waste and Carbon Emissions in The World’s Top Cities

Selected as a lead sponsor to CDP Cities, Jones Lang LaSalle helps cities advance energy and sustainability programs to position for economic growth and reduce environmental risks

CHICAGO, LONDON, SINGAPORE, 10th May 2011Jones Lang LaSalle, a leading global real estate services firm, has been named a lead sponsor to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Cities program to improve environmental sustainability in the world’s largest cities, and thereby enhance their economic viability.

With CDP Cities, the Carbon Disclosure Project adapts the universally respected CDP reporting system to provide a global platform for city governments to report their greenhouse gas emissions and other sustainability-related information.  Jones Lang LaSalle will use its global reach and expertise in advising cities and multi-national companies on energy and climate strategies to help refine the CDP Cities reporting criteria and to provide education and consultation to assist cities in improving their performance.

“Jones Lang LaSalle is uniquely positioned to be a valuable global real estate partner to CDP Cities,” said Dan Probst, Chairman of Energy and Sustainability Services at Jones Lang LaSalle. “We have developed a world-class platform for large-scale measurement and reporting of carbon emissions, and are in the vanguard of companies able to help cities mitigate risk and seize opportunities in the new global green economy. We also have made a strong commitment to reducing our environmental impact, and have followed up on those goals with actions across our firm.”

 “CDP is delighted to welcome Jones Lang LaSalle as a partner on the program, with its knowledge in property sustainability, global reach and strong track record in environmental action,” said Conor Riffle, Head of CDP Cities. “Land use and the built environment are important considerations for sustainable cities and Jones Lang LaSalle brings world-class expertise in these areas.”

Under the agreement, Jones Lang LaSalle will provide CDP with input and assistance in the evolution of the questionnaire for municipal governments to report data relating to global climate change issues, including greenhouse gas emissions, anticipated infrastructure risks due to weather events and other environmental factors, and sustainability policies and trends in urban areas. Jones Lang LaSalle will be supporting CDP in its education efforts towards performance improvement through education seminars, webinars, and city events.


“The Carbon Disclosure Project plays a tremendous role in increasing the prominence of environmental factors in business and investment decisions,” said Lauralee Martin, Chief Operating and Financial Officer of Jones Lang LaSalle. “With the CDP Cities program, they have already shown that reliable, transparent information can guide cities to environmental policies and priorities to reduce their risk exposure and drive economic growth. Jones Lang LaSalle is fully committed to helping CDP take its Cities program to the next level.”

CDP Cities expands the Carbon Disclosure Project’s global climate change data system, which has been adopted by thousands of companies around the world. Launched in November 2010, CDP Cities works in partnership with the Clinton Climate initiative and the C40, an organization of 40 major cities around the world that have committed to tackling climate change. In 2010, CDP Cities invited the members of the C40 and 19 affiliate member cities to voluntarily measure and report information on managing environmental risks, reducing carbon and further adopting strategies that safeguard the future of cities. The program allows cities to report both quantitative climate change data, such as greenhouse gas inventories, and qualitative information that contextualizes unique characteristics of individual cities.

In 2010, Jones Lang LaSalle saved companies a record $128 million in energy costs and reduced greenhouse gases by 563,000 tons. Jones Lang LaSalle is a  member of Greenprint Foundation, a worldwide alliance of leading real estate owners, investors and financial institutions committed to reducing carbon emissions, and is also the only real estate-oriented member of Ceres, a coalition of business and public interests committed to upholding a code of environmental conduct known as the Ceres Principles.  Jones Lang LaSalle has received recognition for its social responsibility actions, including its third ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award in 2011 and its inclusion as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute in each the past four years.